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Ubiquity Lake offers incredible fishing for Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Walleye!

If you're lucky, you may even snag an Arctic Grayling!

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Northern Pike

At Ubiquity Lake, we consider our fishing for Northern Pike to be some of the finest in Saskatchewan. On calm days nothing is more exhilarating than spotting a 20+ pound Northern Pike lying in the shallows. You stalk him, cast your lure toward him and then watch him explode after your hook. Some of our bays will hold 6 or 8 of these monsters.

"That was the biggest fish I have ever caught!" has become a very common statement at Ubiquity Lake.

These lunkers are prolific in our lakes and the surrounding waterways. Most Northern Pike range in size from 3-8 lbs, but we commonly see these freshwater sharks caught in the 40-48 inch range (30lbs +). Often found in 3-14 ft of water, you may find success using spoons, top water lures, jerk baits and plugs when using medium or heavy weight spinning gear for these ferocious eaters.

Come see for yourself why we are known for our Northern Pike fishing!

Lake Trout

Ubiquity Lake Outfitters offers four lakes that are clear and cold providing an excellent habitat for Trophy Lake Trout. Bring a heavy action rod and be prepared to give your reel a good workout!

While Lake Trout can be caught right through from spring to fall, peak seasons for this fast swimming species is either early June or mid September.

Lake Trout average in size from 3 - 8 lbs, but catch a monster from the deep and he may weigh 20 - 40+lbs.

Most anglers will use heavy action rods with heavier spoons through both the Spring and Fall season, fishing in 4 - 25 ft of water. For mid summer, our clients gear up for deep water as the Trout move down to 80 -100 ft of water. Anglers use a heavy rod geared up with a 6-8 oz weight on a 3-way swivel  and troll with large spoons.

Our variety of lake structure gives the fly-fisherman an excellent opportunity to catch a Lake Trout in early June or mid September.

Remember, if you catch a Trout, get your line back in the water! There will always be more near-by!



Any avid fisherman will tell you nothing beats savoring your mornings catch of Saskatchewan Walleye, cooked over an open fire for a shore lunch.

Ubiquity Lake offers a healthy population of Walleye. Depending on the time of the year, these crafty feeders may provide a challenge for the novice angler.

Late June brings these bronze colored fish in to shallower water and the fun begins.

While we have caught some very respectable fish in the 8- 10lb range most Walleye caught are 2 - 4lbs.  

Most common lures used are 1/8 - 1/4 oz jigs with white, yellow or chartreuse tails, tipped with a leach, frozen minnow or night crawler. When the feed is on, Rapalas, spinners and even spoons will work great.

Once you have experienced it, you'll be thinking about that Walleye shore lunch year round!

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