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Hunt Black Bears in Northern Saskatchewan with Rifle or Archery

If you are looking for a private Guided Black Bear hunt in a remote wilderness location in Northern Saskatchewan, Ubiquity Lake Outfitters is the hunting camp for you!

Ubiquity Lake is the only camp in our area that offers Canadian Black Bear hunting and is accessible only by floatplane. You will hunt in a 75,000 acre area, which was not hunted prior to 2000, and has only been lightly hunted since. Consequently, we boast a healthy population of trophy Black Bears, ranging in color from black to blonde. Unlike many other Canadian hunting retreats, Ubiquity Lake Outfitters is not a camp that takes in 30 or 40 hunters a year. We will only book a handful of hunts every year to ensure we can offer our guests the best, beautiful, mature bears.

With limited hunting pressure, we believe success rates for trophy class bears will continue to remain very high for our future guests!




The key to a great hunting area is little or no hunting pressure. Ubiquity Lake will provide you with an area to hunt that is untouched. Many of our bears have never seen a hunter.

Selecting the right area to bait and managing the bait area, improves the hunters success rates dramatically. Most hunters will see several bears while in the stand. We will give you the perfect opportunity to pick the right one.

A successful camp requires successful and happy return customers.

It is our goal to have you back again next year for our Canadian Black Bear Hunting!


Canadian Black Bear Hunting Season

Black bear season opens at the end of April and runs until the end of June. The optimum times for a spring bear hunt are the second, third or fourth week of June.

We will accept both black bear rifle and bow hunters. To ensure safety, guides transport hunters to and from the hunt area by boat or by 4-wheeler. Most black bear hunters will hunt from metal tree stands over baits or in ground blinds if you prefer. Spot and stalk hunting is an option if you desire.

Generally, 2 - 4 baits are set up for each black bear hunter booked. Baits are set up in creek bottoms, heavily wooded acres or on the perimeter of our lakes. These areas will have some mature jack pine, white birch and willow in some of the low-lying areas.

Black Bear Hunting Stands

Typically, stands are set up about 15 yards from the bait area. Shooting lanes are cleared of debris, enabling the hunter to have an excellent opportunity to make that perfect shot.

Baits are set up well in advance and monitored for activity. Hunters are set up where we believe they have the best opportunity of taking the right bear.

Make it a hunting and fishing combination vacation! The fishing is always excellent for Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Walleye. Hauling in a 20 lb+ fish is a very common occurrence in our waters. Fish four lakes and hunt on all the surrounding terrain.  There is no extra charge for fishing on your hunting adventure so make sure to bring your gear!

After your successful hunt, we can arrange to have your trophy mount taken to a taxidermist and have it crated and shipped to your house on completion.

Our vision of a quality vacation does not include taking in massive numbers of hunters.

We want you to experience the Canadian Wilderness as it was meant to be!


What to bring for a Guided Bear Hunt in Northern Saskatchewan

Black Bear Hunting in Northern Saskatchewan can be under a variety of conditions. Late May and early June will have night time lows of 40-55 Fahrenheit (4-13° Celsius) and daytime highs of 55-75 Fahrenheit (13-24° Celsius).

If the weather is cloudy and rainy, you can expect cool conditions. On hot sunny days the sunlight is very intense so sunscreen and a hat are a must. To make your trip more enjoyable, make sure you bring appropriate clothing to stay warm and dry. If you are planning for a September trip, ensure your clothing is warm and water resistant. Late September can bring cool rainy days and even the occasional snow flurry.

Packing for Your Trip

Archery hunters are permitted to wear camouflage.
Rifle hunters are required to wear white or orange along with an orange hat.

Your licenses can be purchased upon arrival to our lodge.

  • Warm jacket

  • Rain suit

  • Water resistant or rubber boots

  • Gloves

  • Insect repellent

  • Personal items, towels, etc.

  • Small Flashlight

  • Sunglasses and hat

  • Camera

  • Tobacco products

  • Beverages

        - We arrange to have all beer, etc. taken into camp prior to your arrival. 

        Let us know how much you would like we will have it shipped to camp for you.

  • Fishing Gear and Tackle

  • Fishing license (see link on Fishing page)

  • Fishing rod. Medium action will be fine.

  • If you have an extra rod, bring it along.

  • Reel (with new line). 12 - 17 lb test

  • Wire leaders: 6 - 12 inch 30 lb test

  • Assorted lures. We recommend Len Thompson #2, Five of Diamonds or Red and White Spoons, Canadian Wigglers, bright lures for casting and trolling 2-5 inches in length work great, 1/8 or 1/4 ounce jigs, 4 - 6 inch plugs.

        - If you have the choice, bring barbless hooks

  • Long nose pliers

  • Fly rod with 2-6 inch flies

  • Healthy appetite for fresh fish!

  • Hunters are requested to ensure their luggage and gear weigh no more than 55 lbs.

All visitors returning to the U.S.A. must carry a Passport.

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