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Outpost Cabin

Other than the incredible fishing Carpenter Lake has to offer, our other favorite feature is its rustic Outpost Cabin that is nestled in a beautiful, quiet bay. The authentic log cabin was built by local indigenous people and is located    1 ½ miles from the Ubiquity Lake Lodge, accessible by quad or boat. 

Carpenter Lake holds the record for the largest Lake Trout at our lodge; however repeat clients love this lake for its Trophy Northern Pike. After battling these 4 foot fresh water sharks, the Outpost Cabin provides a perfect spot to pull up the boats and cook up some shore lunch. While the fish is frying and your arms are getting a much needed rest from reeling, you will enjoy exploring the cabin and the surrounding area. 

If you’re up for some added adventure, be sure to check our Marshall’s Mountain nearby for some incredible views!



We are looking forward to restoring this log cabin in order to offer it to those looking for a more rustic experience. This camp will provide ultimate privacy and seclusion for our guests and gives them the opportunity to truly create their own adventure. 

Guests who choose the log cabin life will be dropped off by their hosts after a brief orientation. After that, they will drop in periodically for safety purposes, but otherwise, you will be left alone to enjoy the remote wilderness and the excellent fishing this lake has to offer. 

Stay tuned on our social medias for updates on our cabin!

From Carpenter Lake, you will also have access to Esker Lake by portage. If you are not worried about getting your feet wet, you can also push your boat up a creek in order to enter Surprise Lake. We find that these excursions are often highlights of trips for those that enjoy a little added adventure!

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