Photos - Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye, Black Bear and Wilderness Scenery

View photos from our guests at Ubiquity Lake! Beautiful scenic lakes, massive trophy fish, black bears, sandy beaches. Share your photos on social media using hashtag: #UbiquityLakeOutfitters

49 inch Pike 3 bears at the bait Blair Big Pike in July Loon on the lake Bob early June Pike Breakfast table Scott's huge Lake Trout Swimming Caribou This bait has seen some action Cabin #2 Dale's nice Walleye Big bear on the move Dads and their sons, memories forever This one would look good on the wall 5 to 6 lb Walleye Joe and Bob 29lb Pike Big Black Bear Esker Lake Bob and Lenard Two bears on shore Daniel Bushman 34 lb Pike Alex and Jordan big Pike Lunch at the cabin Jeff Frisckhorn 47 inch Pike Unloading the Otter Kurt with his long bow Outpost Cabin Carpenter Lake 30 lb Northern Pike 46 inch Pike Craig is having a great day Mounted Bear Chris with his Trout Eagle in her nest Eric 35 lb Laker Big Black Bear approaching Hard fighting Walleye Bev with 44 inch Northern Pike Wes with a big Pike on a fly Lake Trout in the sun Bear over the hill Gord Ellis Fly Fishing Pike Nice bear Summer Walleye Morning mist Jeff Jordan Laker on a fly Buzz and Kelly Mike has one on Ken 13 lb Pike Ken's 2nd helping Fresh Fish, Fried Potaoes and Beans 46 inch Pike Wes Eppinger 29 lb Northern Pike Evening bear hunt by the lake Bear under arrow Autumn morning on the lake Summer Pike fishing Russ, first Trout ever caught Linda our cook with big Pike Lou and Mitch fished hard 2 bears walking Tom's Pike On gaurd This one will make the record book Summer time Lake Trout Brown bear nice color Bull Moose watching 4 bears at bait Mark is happy Fisherman going home Fog on the horizon Shore luch, Carpenter lake Bear hunter by the lake Float plane on the water Rainbow Ramond and Ronnie, big one on! Rob's 45 inch Northern Walleye action Spring bear hunt Otter approaching Carpenter Lake Trout Tranquility Ron's, September Northern Pike Black Bear with a bow Gord's 43 inch Pike Spectacular Scenery The bay at Carpenter Lake Stu and Tomas, 2 Trout on Island sunset Sunset on the dock Sunset on west bay Mark, 30 lb Laker Fishing in the rain 2 bear at bait Sunrise Bear looking up Sunset at the Pickeral hole 40 lb Lake Trout Mid summer day Tom's 8 lb Pike Trevor, July Northern Pike Mike's Record book colored bear Early June Bull Moose passing by Heading for more fish Dining Room Autumn on the lake Dupont group 12 lb Lake Trout Big bear walking Bear under stand First Lake Trout Cloudy Sunset Eagle scenery Evening hunt Unloading Bush Plane Long Cast Glen's first Laker Trophy Black Bear Bush plane loading up Kurt with big colored bear Lunch at the log cabin Scenic July Sunset View from the Float Plane Bear Swimming Boats at the rapids Garth's first Trout Cruising Double Header Releasing a big Pike 8 lb Laker Fish Frying Turbo Otter Evening Walleye Nice Black Bear 30 lb Laker 2 nice Pike Casting from shore Lunker in the net 45 inch Pike Mitch's 42 inch Pike Mother in her nest Colorful sunset Joe landing a Pike 400 lb Black Bear Kurt releasing a Trout September Trout Landing a Pike Big Bear watching Turbo Otter on takeoff Otter takeoff July Pike Summer sunset Caribou at shore Murray caught a small one Yes Murray did catch a big one Mark got a bear Bring the kids fishing too Delicious Wild Blueberries Bryan's Pike Pike Release Glen's Pike Mother Grouse Bob holding pike Plane at dock Carpenter Cabin from Air Don's Pike Walleye Release Black Bear Bow Hunting Big Brown Bear on shore Grouse Chick Going to Davis Lake at dusk Joe Bald Eagle Bev Walleye Bryan Pike Cabin #2 Front Clear boating Carpenter Denny with trout Looking down from stand On the water at sunset Evening Storm Pike on the hook 2 cabins Bear at Mckie stand Craig, Doug and Russ, fresh fish In the bay Chris and Buzz with a big trout Generations of fishermen Nice pike Having the girls over for supper Bear hunter in the stand Doug with a hefty Pike Walleye release 8 lb Laker Rod's Shore Lunch Landing a Lunker Sunset