Try a tasty Walleye for Shore Lunch

Any avid fisherman will tell you nothing beats savoring your mornings catch of Saskatchewan Walleye, cooked over an open fire for a shore lunch.

Ubiquity Lake offers a healthy population of Walleye. Depending on the time of the year, these crafty feeders may provide a challenge for the novice angler.

Late June brings these bronze colored fish in to shallower water and the fun begins.

While we have caught some very respectable fish in the 8 -10 lb range most Walleye caught are 2 - 4lbs.  

Most common lures used are 1/8 - 1/4 oz jigs with white, yellow or chartreuse tails, tipped with a leach, frozen minnow or night crawler. When the feed is on, Rapalas, spinners and even spoons will work great.

Another Walleye for Shore Lunch


4.5 and 5.5 lb Walleye
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