Remote,Fly-in lodge at Ubiquity Lake in Northern Saskatchewan

Our main lodge is located on the south end of Ubiquity Lake. When fishing at Ubiquity Lake you will have the opportunity tocatch Trophy Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Walleye.

The lodge is also the base camp for our spring and fall Black Bearhunts.

Fed by underground springs and the waters of the Burstad River, this lake provides many areas to fish, which are safe fromprevailing winds. Ubiquity Lake features sand shorelines along with some rocky areas.  The trees are a mixture Birch and Pine. The bottom of the lake has very few level areas, with depthsvarying dramatically from one area to another.

The depth of the Lake is up to 165 feet at some points. 120 feetis common. This provides endless areas of structure for fish tocongregate in. The shoreline is extremely irregular, providingendless areas to fish and some spectacular areas for flyfishing.

Scenery is fantastic and wildlife is abundant so make sure your camera is ready.


Ubiquity Lake Trophy Fishing

Ubiquity Lake Wildlife, Moose

Ubiquity Lake Early morning fog

Ubiquity Lake, Saskatchewan FIshing


Fly-In Fishing, Ubiquity Lake

Pike Fishing, Ubiquity Lake