Fishing and Hunting opportunities at our Northern Lakes

As you begin your Fly-in fishing or hunting adventure, your float-plane makes the 75 minute flight from Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan to Ubiquity Lake Lodge.

This land is private, remote and untouched.

You will see beautiful, rugged, untouched landscape that is filled with streams, ponds and lakes.

Our lodge is located 108 miles north of Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan. There are no roads to Ubiquity Lake and no other camps on the lake. Enjoy a private fishing and hunting experience.





As you fly north from Buffalo Narrows the terrain changes. As you fly north through the boreal forest the land becomes rockier as you approach the Great Canadian Shield.  Trees become sparse as Birch and Swamp Spruce replace tall Aspen and Pine trees.

See the forest regenerate as new plants and trees begin to stretch up in areas forest fires have swept through over time.

As you fly north you will notice the change in watercolor as you exit the Boreal forest and enter the Canadian Shield.   Deep crystal clear lakes are bordered with white sand and rock.

You are entering Lake Trout Country.

On your trip to this Northern paradise you may see some magnificent wildlife, including Bears, Moose, Caribou, Wolves, Otters, and Squirrels, Some of the birds you may see are Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Canada Geese, Grouse, Ducks, Whiskey Jacks,

Some large camps offer fly-out opportunities. No need for fly-outs when staying at Ubiquity Lake. Our close proximity to our outpost lakes give fisherman and hunters easy access, enabling guests to explore a new lake each day of their trip.

Anglers love this area because each lake has its own special personality. If fishing is slow at one lake you can be sure they will be hitting hard at the next lake.

Fly-in fishing, trophy fishing, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Fishing, angler displays fish
Private fishing experience, Saskatchewan
Moose, Canadian wildlife
Trophy Pike, Saskatchewan, Canada

Eagle in her nest, Ubiquity Lake Outfitters