Catch Trophy Northern Pike on a Fly rod or Spinng Reel, Saskatchewan Fishing

At Ubiquity Lake we consider our fishing for Northern Pike to be some of the finest in Northern Saskatchewan. On calm days nothing is more exhilarating then spotting a 20+ pound Northern Pike lying in the shallows. You stalk him, cast your lure toward him and then watch him explode after your hook. Some of our bays will hold 6 or 8 of these monsters.

"That was the biggest fish I have ever caught!"

has become a very common statement at Ubiquity Lake Outfitters.

These lunkers are prolific in Ubiquity Lake and the surrounding waterways. Most Northern Pike range in size from 3-8 lbs, but these freshwater sharks are commonly caught in the 40-48 inch range (30lbs +). These ferocious eaters are commonly caught in 3 14 feet of water on spoons, top water lures, jerk baits and plugs when using medium or heavy weight spinning gear.

Massive Trophy Pike Fishing, Ubiquity Lake Outfitters

30 lb- Northern Pike, Fly-In Fishing

For some real excitement try landing a 25lb Trophy Pike on a fly rod!

Gord Ellis - Nice Pike
Jeff Frisckhorn - Pike on a fly-rod
Angler displays trophy Pike from Saskatchewan
Boating, Fishing for trophy pike, Saskatchewan