Where to catch Lake Trout at our Fly-In Lodge

Ubiquity Lake Outfitters offers four lakes that are clear and cold providing excellent habitat for Trophy Lake Trout. Bring a heavy action rod and be prepared to give your reel a good workout.

While Lake Trout can be caught right through from Spring to Fall, peak seasons for this fast swimming species is either late May to early June or mid September. Lake Trout average in size from 3 - 8 lbs, but catch a Grandpa from the deep and he may weigh 20 - 40+lbs.

Angler displays trophy Lake Trout, Saskatchewan
Caught 40lb Lake Trout, Canada

Most anglers will use heavy action rods with heavier spoons through both the Spring and Fall season fishing in 4 - 25 ft of water. For mid summer, our clients gear up for deep water as the Trout move down to 80 -100 ft of water. Anglers use a heavy rod geared up with a 6-8oz weight on a 3 -way swivel  and troll with large spoons.

Our variety of lake structure gives the fly-fisherman an excellent opportunity to catch a Lake Trout in early June or mid September.

Lake Trout Fishing, Saskatchewan, Canada
Fishermen catch two Lake Trout at once!


If you catch a Trout, get your line back in the water! If you catch one, there will always be more near-by.

Mark catches a massive Lake Trout in Saskatchewan!
Angler catches Lake Trout on a fly rod