Testimonials, Jeff Frisckhorn and RD Carson host of Officially Rugged

RD Carson

Host of Officially Rugged Television filmed a fishing adventure with Ubiquity Lake Outfitters.

RD Carson, Officially RuggedOfficially Rugged with RD

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Gord, 43 inch pike, Ubiquity Lake Outfitters

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Saskatchewan Tourism, Canada


Jeff Frisckhorn of the Cleveland Outdoor Journal writes a feature article on his Fly Fishing expedition to Ubiquity Lake with Saskatchewan Tourism.

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Jeff, Northen Pike, Ubiquity Lake Outfitters


Black Bear in Summer, Esker Lake, Saskatchewan

The food just keeps getting better and the bears just keep getting bigger. Once again, hats off to the boys at Ubiquity. Two out of three years, bears that will make the book. I don't think I have ever heard of an outfitter with those numbers. Ill be back to raise the number next year.

Mike Carr - Springport Mi.

Float plane take off, Canadian fly-in fishing

I've always wanted to make a trip to Canada fishing and I am very happy that my first time was with you folks. Wyatt and I could not have felt more welcome anywhere (except home, I think). We've been here for a week and it feels like weve known you people my whole life. You are very special people. The meals, lodging and great stories will be hard to beat.

Kenny and Wyatt Blackman - Buffalo Wyo.

Eagle nest, Ubiquity Lake, Canada

Great fishing Excellent fly-rod action for Pike and Trout. Best luck on a fly was with Bunny Hug, red and white w/long rabbit tail. Used split shot to make it sink. Couldnt keep the Pike off at Esker Lake, they tore the sh_ _ out of it. Good food, especially the deep fried and breaded Pike fillets. Saw several large black bears, bald eagles, moose tracks, several kinds of ducks, king fishers, etc. Guides were excellent and very friendly. All in all a fantastic trip to the Canadian Wilderness.

Jeff Jordan

Bryan, Large Trophy Fish, Saskatchewan fishing

This year was even better than last year. Ten 20 plus pounders in one day! For the next group the location was ______________ . P.S. Thanks to the hosts.

Bryan Sather - Folsom Ca.

Trout, Fishing in Saskatchewan

First Fly in Experience. You can bet it wont be the last great food, friendship etc. There will be stories for years. It will take years to wipe the smile of my face.

Barrie Buzby - Lanigan Sk.

Sleeping on float plane, Saskatchewan fly-in fishing

This has been one great week. It had great food, good fishing and good company. All of you went out of your way to insure we had a great time. You made us feel like guests rather than customers. Thanks, we will see you again. If you need a recommendation just ask.

Dr. Louis Hoffman - Folsom Ca.

Summer sunset, Ubiquity Lake, Saskatchewan

What a place, what a group anymore excitement and Im sure we could write a book. Dont keep this place a secret. People need to see this to experience it. Once is never enough. If this is any taste of heaven then boy are we in for a treat. Have so many stories to tell that the grandchildren will be amused for hours. The scenery was spectacular, the fishing awesome, but the cook and the guide topped it all. Linda and Rod you make it all come together and what a package. Were already figuring out how to bring the family here. It is simply to wonderful to miss. Words cannot express our gratitude nor our wishes for your success. Bless you both.

Larry and Patty Henbib

Canadian Guided Black Bear Hunting