Maps and Information on how to get to Ubiquity Lake

Ubiquity Lake and our Carpenter Lake Outpost are located 108 miles north of Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan Canada . This area is accessible only by float plane.

Fisherman and Hunters who choose to fly to Canada will fly by commercial flight to Saskatoon or Edmonton. Guests then have the option of either driving by rental car, or flying by charter airplane to Buffalo Narrows.  Should you desire to drive, there is an excellent paved highway to Buffalo Narrows and Voyage Air will provide free parking for your vehicle upon arrival.

Ubiquity Lake Outfitters provides return airfare from Buffalo Narrows to Ubiquity Lake with Voyage Air. On arrival to Buffalo Narrows, please check in with Voyage Air. Voyage Air is located on the lakefront, on the right hand side, adjacent to the highway entering town.

A representative of Voyage Air will help you with your luggage and load the float plane. Your flight to camp will be in an Otter or a Beaver aircraft. All groups must arrive at Buffalo Narrows at least one hour prior to flight time in order to weigh your luggage and load the plane. The maximum weight allowance per person, including luggage and fishing gear, is 40 pounds for fisherman and 55 lbs for hunters.

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For those clients who prefer door to door service, special charter service is available so one can fly direct from Saskatoon or Edmonton to Ubiquity Lake.

For those who wish to fly their own aircraft, Buffalo Narrows has a 5000 foot paved, lighted airstrip.  NBD, fuel (Unicom 122.8). Charter flights are available from Saskatoon to Buffalo Narrows.

Ubiquity Lake Outfitters accept no responsibility for any delays in flight time. Customer safety is first priority. All flight decisions will be made by Voyage Air.


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