Canadian Fly Fishing Adventures at Ubiquity Lake Outfitters!

If you are a Fly-fisherman Ubiquity Lake will offer you excitement and opportunities to catch Trophy Canadian Northern Pike and Lake Trout that cannot be matched anywhere in Saskatchewan. 

Canadian fly-fishing offers the angler a different presentation and you will catch Trophy size fish that may not be interested in most lures.

Fly Fishing, Northern Pike

Catching a Northern Pike makes a fly-fishing experience worthwhile.

They are aggressive and are very tough fighters once they know they have been caught.

When you catch a big one, be prepared for a long battle. Larger Pike will often take refuge in deeper water and often escape the inexperienced angler.

Usually the best days for Pike fishing will be the clear-sky, warm and sunny days. A favorite tactic is sight fishing on calm days. You will find that these monsters usually dwell near things like weeds, logs, reefs, shallow bays, or where there is stream flow.

Pike like a variety of lure colors, shapes and sizes, so make sure you bring some choices with colors varying from red, white, yellow, black, or ones that have strands of silver or gold to catch the Pike's attention. 

When anglers talk about fly-fishing for Trout, we usually think about Brookies and Rainbows.

Fishing for Lake Trout with a fly rod gives the Trout fisherman the opportunity to catch Trout larger than anything he has ever caught.

The biggest fish usually take the biggest flies, but you can catch Lake Trout 5 -15 lbs on nymphs and dry flies. The biggest fis h usually take the biggest flies, but you can catch Lake Trout 5 -15 lbs on nymphs and dry flies.

Lake Trout are very skittish, so anglers will have their best luck on dull days or in the evening.

We have found the best time to catch Lake Trout with a fly is in September when the Lake Trout shoal up and prepare themselves for spawning on gravel beaches and around little islands.

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