Canadian Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout Fishing at Ubiquity Lake, Saskatchewan

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A Private Canadian Fishing Retreat Experience.

Many Fishing Lodges in Northern Saskatchewan offer great Canadian fishing.. But If you are looking for a difference, private and remote Canadian Resort experience that is off the beaten path and provides Great Fishing then you best check out Ubiquity Lake Outfitters!

  • Accessible only by Float Plane
  • Only camp on the lake
  • Beautiful Canadian Scenery
  • Clean Comfortable Accommodations
  • Great Canadian Fishing experience
  • American Plan available
  • Corporate packages available

Our policy of Barbless Hooks and Catch and Release for all Canadian Trophy fish will ensure healthy fish population for years.

Displaying Trophy Fish, Canada
Wild Moose, Ubiquity Lake, Saskatchewan
Eage pearched, Ubiquity Lake, Saskatchewan


Our Canadian Fishing Experiences: